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Laboratory Equipment

New Mark VI Laboratory Mixer

New Mark VI laboratory mixer is a variable speed, high intensity mixer suitable for all bleaching stages including oxygen delignification, ozone, hydrogen peroxide and chlorine dioxide. Its patented bowl and rotor combined with complete control over rotor speed can simulate any type of mixer found in the plant without adversely effecting the physical characteristics of the pulp. With the Mark V Mixer, you have complete control over mixing, residence times and temperatures. Flip a switch and the mixer becomes a bleaching tower where the pulp and chemical can react under controlled conditions of time, temperature and agitation with constant pH read out. Interchangeable 2-liter and 4-liter cast bowls with patented integrated baffle system are available in either Hastelloy C or stainless steel.

New Mark VI mixer is more digitalized and automated than the earlier versions of Mark mixers, which improves the flexibility and handling properties of the mixer.

Ozone Caddy

The Ozone Caddy is a fully automated system that produces, analyzes, and stores up to 10 grams of ozone in less than an hour. It then uses a liquid compression system to precisely deliver any amount of ozone up to the full 10 grams at any pressure up to a 125 Spig. Unused or unreacted ozone is destroyed in a built-in scrubber system. All contact metallurgy and vessels is stainless steel.  The Ozone Caddy is a computerized, self-contained system on a movable cart that pressurizes O3/O2 gas and delivers a measured amount to your laboratory mixer for bleaching experimentation.  The Quantum Ozone Caddy does it all for you automatically

Reactors / Processes

White and Green Liquor Oxidizers

White Liquor Oxidizer (Q-OWL)

The Quantum Q-OWL process takes white liquor directly from the clarifier into a break-seal tank, pumps it into the X-O ThermTM reactor (patent pending) where it is mixed with pressurized oxygen, then to a gas/liquid separator where the oxidized white liquor is piped to the process. The process is completely automated. The energy savings reduces the cost of oxygen and power by as much as 90%. With a reaction rate 100 times faster than a stirred tank, the reactor and the entire Q-OWL process is much smaller than an equivalent system based on a stirred tank. A 50-200 gpm process occupies a floor space of approximately 28′ x 9′ x 10′, mounted on 2 skids.  Click here for a brochure.



Green Liquor Oxidizer (Q-GLO)

Quantum Technology’s’ green liquor oxidizer and process is a breakthrough in the pulp and paper industry.  Our unique process is able to fully oxidize green liquor with oxygen (with a purity of 94% or greater).  Fully oxidized green liquor can be used as a cooking liquor, bleaching chemical and as a source of NaOH through the entire mill.

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Liquor Oxidizers?


Quantum Technologies offers a variety of industrial scale effective mixers/reactors, which suit well for mixing gases, liquids and solids. They can be used, for example, in water treatment plants.