Now: Trial pump available for your tests New and unique PELVILA Smart Pumps for challenging pumping and dosing applications

PELVILA Chamber Smart Pump Systems consist of a tube like membrane which when compressed, pushes forward the liquid creating a pumping motion.

Thanks to this ingenious solution, PELVILA Smart Pumps can pump almost any known liquid with a big variety of different flow rates and with almost any amount or size solid.

For demanding products and applications

PELVILA Smart Pump is unique, there are no typical gears, pistons, vanes, lopes in contact with liquid. SmartPump consist of a tube-like membrane, which when compressed with total control, pushes forward the liquid creating a pumping motion. Thanks to this solution, Smart Pump can pump almost any known liquid with any amount or size solids with viscosities up to 1000,000 cp, pressures up to 200 bar, temperature range -10C to 200 C.

Key benefits:

Optimal for transfer and dosing of low/high viscosity liquids and chemicals, as well as for dispersions with solid particles at high accuracy without pulsation

The overall process can be simplified, all down stream’s flow meters, valves, dampeners, etc. can be eliminated.

PELVILA Smart Pump Systems

PELVILA Smart Pump system is optimal for transfering and dosing of difficult products with high accuracy without pulsation or wear.

It provides new process capabilities while reducing capex, maintenance and downtime.

New Process Capabilities

  • For products that require exact dosing with wide scale and/or variability of the flow.
  • Products with solids
  • Low and high temperature products
  • Corrosive and/or abrasive products
  • Products that are shear sensitive

Reduced capex, maintenance cost and downtime

  • No flow meters, control valves or dampeners are required in product line
  • No calibration
  • Wear does not affect flow accuracy
  • Smart Pump holds line pressure
  • Pumping is started and stopped gently but quickly without pressure peaks

Total Quality Assurance

  • Total automation with data logging included
  • Remote and local control with monitoring and alarm system
  • Extreme accuracy, which is not affected by line pressure or wear over time
  • No pulsation
  • Instant responses to required flow rate changes

Key benefits of PELVILA Smart Pump Systems

Total Automation for Digital Manufacturing

Total automation with touch screen control, data logging, monitoring and alarm system, local and remote control


No pulsation
No shear
No air binding

Simplified product line

All measuring instruments, control valves and dampeners are eliminated from the product line

Demanding products

Corrosive products
Abrasive products
Products with solids up to 100mm

Extreme Hygiene & Product Safety

No pistons, gears, lobes, vanes, plunges, in contact with product to break or introduce wear dirt


Low energy consumption
High reliability
Minimal maintenance

Potential applications of PELVILA Smart Pump Systems

For challenging pumping conditions

  1.  Pumping and dosing of dispersions
  2.  High viscosity chemicals
  3.  Chemicals, which require very accurate dosing
  4.  For mobile test systems. Complete remote control for the whole unit
  5.  Additive and special chemicals for paper machines. Handling and dosing, for example, defoamers
  6.  Systems, which get better and more efficient, when being able to leave away separate flow control. With PELVILA, no flow meter, control valve and automation system needed

Pumping materials with high viscocity or solid particles

by PELVILA Smart Pump Systems

Suits for transfer of liquids and chemicals, which are difficult to pump reliably

Large Solids

With Smart Pump Technology there is almost no limit to how large solids can be dispensed without breaking and almost no restriction of viscosity or product’s shear sensitivity.

With the slow closing of the membrane, the Smart Pump creates a smooth flow regardless of liquid type and solid content.

Pumping Cellulose in

low-medium consistency


High viscosity

With Smart Pump Technology, products with extremely high viscosity can be dispensed with total control!

Constant non-pulsing flow

With no pulsation and with high flow accuracy, Smart Pump Technology improves metering accuracy, product quality and yield.

Gentle pumping of long ingredients

Quick Reaction Time

Smart Pumps are able to react instantly when the flow rate is changed! Instant flow rate change from merely 5ml/min to 300ml/min

Simplifying processes by PELVILA Pumping Systems

PELVILA Pump solution:

  1. All existing high maintenance flow meters, control valves, dampeners etc. are eliminated from product line
  2. All Smart Pumps are connected to and driven from central pump cabinet
  3. All functions and datalogging for each pump can be accessed from central control cabinet or remotely from command center and via cell phones/tablets
  4. Additional i/o are provided to connect tank level sensors, motors or other instruments for digital manufacturing

Process benefits:

  • Total digital manufacturing with data logging
  • Pump can hold pressure, on-line shut off valves eliminated
  • Accurate non-changing flow, on-line control valves eliminated
  • No additional measuring instruments required on product line
  • Pumping can be started slowly, no dampeners or pressure peaks
  • Pump can be run dry to empty product line
  • Self-priming
  • Fast CIP

Pump Product Ranges

Large flow

Flow rate from 0.14 l/s = 0.5 m3/h

                  up to     5 l/s = 55 m3/h

Mid flow

Flow rates from 0,008 l/s = 0.5 l/min

                    up to     0.7 l/s = 42 l/min

Micro flow

Flow rate as low as 0.00002 l/s = 1 ml/min

                    Up to          0.02 l/s  = 1 l/min